Catch Us

February 28th - Hopshire Farm Brewery, Dryden (6 pm)

August 7th - Bru 64, Cortland (7pm)

August 13 - Cortland Courthouse Park - 7 pm

The Beauchesnes (bo-SHAYNZ) are a two-piece blues, Americana, rock band that features guest artists both on its recordings and in live performance.  Robert Hunter and Ted Walsh are the permanent members of the band, and they are set to release their first album, "Twilight Interstate" December 21, 2018, at Hopshire Brewery, near Ithaca.  Among the many featured performers on the work are Cortland's Chris Merkley (Digger Jones), Driftwood's Claire Byrne, The Blind Spots' Maddy Walsh, and Prometheus Jenkins (a stage name), a saxophone player with whom Hunter has worked in the studio and on tour for over 30 years.

Hunter, who is from Newcastle, England, began his musical career as a drummer with the metal band Raven, and was long known as "Wacko!".  He moved to the US and became a recording engineer in the 1980s, and was the winner of a Grammy award for production and engineering on Branford Marsalis's 2000 album Contemporary Jazz.  He continues to work with Marsalis in the studio and on the road, and was credited in 2017 for his engineering work on the Marsalis soundtrack to the Emmy winning HBO original movie, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, starring Oprah Winfrey.  In recent years, he has also played percussion and sung backup vocals in Tribal Revival and Unreal City.

Hunter is the producer and recording engineer on The Beauchesnes Twilight Interstate.  He also plays various instruments including drums, percussion, bass, and guitar, and sings backup vocals.

Walsh has been a solo artist and member of a number of Central New York bands since the 1980s, including Eddy's Basement, The Polecat Bar Band, Hall Pass, Madd Daddy, Unreal City, and currently GoGone, of Ithaca.  He is the writer of all of the songs on Twilight Interstate, and also sings lead vocals and plays guitars, mandolin, dobro, keyboards, and bass

Hunter and Walsh will be joined by bassist Freddy Villano and drummer Michael Starmer for the Dec. 21 album release.