The Beauchesnes (bo-SHAYNZ) are a four-piece blues, Americana, rock band based in Central New York. Robert Hunter, Ted Walsh, Michael Starmer and Freddy Villano make up the quartet, which released its first album, Twilight Interstate, in 2018. Hunter, a Grammy-winning sound engineer from Newcastle, England, plays lead guitar and percussion, and sings harmony and lead in The Beauchesnes. He is joined on guitar by Walsh, who also sings lead and harmonies, and is the writer of most of the band's original songs. Drummer Michael Starmer and bassist Freddy Villano also contribute to the group's four-part harmonies.

The Beauchesnes' songs feature narratives and quirky, unusual lyrics, and reflect a wide range of musical influences. The band also performs an odd assortment of covers, including selections by J.J. Cale, Jim Stafford, Steely Dan, Los Lobos, and more. Live performances by the group lean towards rowdiness, a wry sensibility, and danceable rock and roll.